Irideon introduces REMOSIS project at major innovation events in Barcelona


bisbarcelona-2016BIZBARCELONA is a major platform in support of entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs in searching business opportunities, advice, finance, inspiration and support. It is the benchmark event for galvanising the business sector and entrepreneurial activity in the city and in Catalonia.

bisbarcelona-2016-audienceThis year, the event took plave on June 1st and 2nd and was noted for a more professional visitor profile, as over half the attendees are entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals. The remaining percentage was made up of entrepreneurial people with business ideas or recent start-ups, including a growing number of people interested in social economy initiatives.

Irideon participated in the internationalization and e-solutions panels. Irideon also attended the networking event in face-to-face activities to strengthen interaction, generate sales contacts and take advantage of synergies.


Kick-Off Meeting in Regensburg

REMOSIS kick-off FEB 2016

Regensburg (Germany) February 2016. Between 16 and 18 February, 2016, Biogents was happy to welcome Ilyas Potamitis (Technological Educational Institute of Crete) and Pancraç Villalonga, Christoph Lude and João Encarnação (Irideon) for the kick-off meeting of the REMOSIS project in Regensburg.

After introducing and discussing the management procedures and tasks necessary for the organisation of this project, the partners brought each other up to date on their latest relevant developments. The expertise of the REMOSIS partner again proved to be highly complementary, with a high potential to jointly develop an exiting technology for the next step in mosquito surveillance. Further in the kick-off meeting, the partners defined product goals and properties, identified which research areas will need special attention and devised a road map for the coming months.