In the framework of the 12th edition of INTO – International Tourism Innovation Seminar, the European project Links Up organized a working session with consolidated companies and start-ups from the e-tourism sector. The meeting took place in Palma, in the Balearic Islands, at Fundació Bit.

15 start-ups and 5 large e-tourism companies have participated in the meeting, having been able to exchange knowledge and reach collaboration agreements. IRIDEON represented the REMOSIS consortium, presenting how the IoT technology for remote and automated mosquito control can be of major importance to the touristic industry, especially facility managers of hotels and resorts.


Eureka Innovation week 2017

EUREKA’s mission is to bring innovations to the market which gives companies of all sizes a central role in our mission. The Innovation Week is an inclusive event: everyone who has at heart marked oriented innovation can participate from companies, national and regional authorities, universities, research institutes, consultancies and investors and beyond.

Irideon was invited to present the REMOSIS project in a series of bilateral meetings with stakeholders from Europe, America and Asia

Healthio 2017

Healthio is a conference where the patient is the focus. The latest technologies in Digital-health, where explained and tried for the patient and by the patient. Innovation where patients, healthcare professionals and systems where engaged. Irideon participated representing the REMOSIS consortium, explaining to public health technicians and authorities how this technology can disrupt the potential hazards of mosquito borne diseases, literally preventing dangerous outbreaks.

SiDO 2017

SIdO is the biggest international showroom dedicated entirely to the Internet of Things organized in France. It is oriented to professionals only. 2 days of conferences, solutions, networking, showrooms and tech workshops to help you imagine tomorrow’s use of the Internet of Things and reinvent your business models.

Irideon had the chance to present the IoT technology behind REMOSIS and participated in the Brokerage Event, where face-to-face meetings with target stakeholders enabled disseminating the project at a more detailed level.

Mobile World Congress

Once more Irideon participates in the Mobile World Congress, bringing news of REMOSIS . Thank you to all the companies that so kindly invited us to their stands to discuss business partnerships. Many brilliant new IoT mobility projects in the pipeline.

We have had the pleasure to network with several leading companies and research organisms in another exciting brokerage event organised by EEN and ACC10. Irideon is happy to tell the world that thanks to this event not only we have established more incredible partnerships in the EU, but we have also secured our beachheads in the US and the Balkans markets.

Presentation of REMOSIS at workshop of Fundació Bit

Fundació Bit (Balearic Foundation for Innovation and Technology, the organism responsible for the execution of the R&D&i strategies of the Balearic Government, invited Irideon to share its R&D&i experiences at European level, with researchers, companies and innovators of the Balearic Islands. Our Chief Business Officer João Encarnação explained how the FTI project REMOSIS will disruptively change the way populations can be protected from mosquito-borne diseases, and can boost the growth of the company.

REMOSIS as a novel Smart Cities tech

One of the keys to unlock more sustainable and friendlier urban areas is the unstoppable wave of Smart Cities. Imagine not only how you can interact with a city, but also how a city can intelligently interact with you. If you pay close attention when walking the streets of cities like Barcelona, you’ll notice how many public infrastructures are already “smart”. Irideon is an active participant in this roaring revolution and we showed in the Smart City Expo World Congress just how far we can go with our Senscape technology . The next time you take a bus or walk under a street light post, you may just find yourself being amazed by one of our solutions.

Irideon participates in the IoT world congress.

 We had the opportunity to share our Senscape technology with market leaders. Everybody was enthusiastic on how we can accelerate the launch of complex IoT hardware applications. We also had the opportunity to demonstrate the REMOSIS technology: a smart trap for advanced mosquito surveillance networks to protect population form disease outbreaks like Dengue and Zika.

E-SOVE conference in Lisbon


The 20th Conference of the European chapter of the Socienty of Vector Ecology (E-SOVE) took place in Lisbon, Portugal, between the 3rd and 7th of October, 2016. Around 170 vector and mosquito biologists from Europe and abroad attended. Biogents was a proud sponsor of this event.

At the conference, Biogents was present with four scientists and a stand, introducing the news BG-Sentinel 2, the BG-GAT oviposition trap, and of course the BG-Counter and REMOSIS project.

In the session “Advanced Technologies on Vector Control”, Dr. Rose of Biogents gave an oral presentation on the BG-Counter and the REMOSIS project. (reference: A. Rose, M. Weber, I. Potatmitis, P.Villlonga, C. Pruszynski, M. Doyle, M. Geismar, J. Encarnacao & M. Geier (2016) The BG-Counter, the first operative automatic mosquito counting device for online mosquito monitoring: field tests and technical outlook. E-SOVE 2016 Book of Abstracts, 177, ISBN: 978-90-8686-291-7).  You can download this presentation with notes (6mb): rose-et-al-bg-counter-remosis-presentation-esove-lisbon-2016-with-abstract-and-notes












REMOSIS Workshop Portugal

IRIDEON organized a Workshop in Portugal, at the facilities of the Portuguese Medical Association in Sines. The workshop included a presentation of the REMOSIS project, followed by a round of Q&A and an open discussion with the attendees.

This event involved stakeholders from different areas. Besides medical doctors and members of the municipality, the event gathered
professionals from several universities specialized in optoelectronics, biology and environmental monitoring.

A strong focus was given to the role of container ports as a point of entry for invasive species. The Port of Sines is the first largest artificial port of Portugal, and a deep water port, with specialized terminals that allow the movement of different types of goods. Several attendants are in charge of operations at the Container Terminal and were involved in the discussions concerning the protocols used for cargo inspection. This is now a hot topic, especially when several port authorities, like the Chinese, are studying the implementation of effective anti-mosquito treatments to containers from countries affected by Zika.