Is it too much to ask for an automatic mosquito surveillance trap?

Wing Beats Inhaltsverzeichnis

” Anyone who has ever done mosquito surveillance knows how labor intensive it can be. Whether it’s landing rate counts (LRC) or setting CDC light traps, the most time-consuming aspect is having someone physically go out to site to survey for mosquitoes in the area. When you finally get the collection information to operations you may have already missed your window for control. In this modern technologically advanced era of self-driving cars and Jeopardy champion robots, is it too much to ask for some of that rapid-response automation to trickle down into this tedious sector of mosquito science?”

That was actually a rethorical question. And here is a new article in Wing Beats of the Florida Mosquito Control Association (an official publication of the American Mosquito Control Association) which decribes the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District‘s (FKMCD) experinces with the first BG-Counters that were recently installed on the Florida Keys.

Reference: Pruszynski C (2016) The BG-Counter: A New Surveillance Trap that Remotely Measures Mosquito Density in Real Time. Wing Beats 27:1, 13-18.