April 2017

SiDO 2017

SIdO is the biggest international showroom dedicated entirely to the Internet of Things organized in France. It is oriented to professionals only. 2 days of conferences, solutions, networking, showrooms and tech workshops to help you imagine tomorrow’s use of the Internet of Things and reinvent your business models.

Irideon had the chance to present the IoT technology behind REMOSIS and participated in the Brokerage Event, where face-to-face meetings with target stakeholders enabled disseminating the project at a more detailed level.

Wasser Berlin International 2017




19.273 visitors from 86 countries attended WBI 2017:  water management decision makers from the public sector and industry, engineers, specialists from the building trades, civil engineering, well drilling, waterworks construction and other fields,  representatives from national and international organizations, procurement specialists, and representatives from industry associations, institutions, science and research. Irideon participated in the event, as companies and public authorities handling water management face the problem of mosquito breeding sites, which have to be monitored and controlled for the sake of Public Health and the safety of their technicians.