February 2016

REMOSIS divulged in 4YFN

4YFN (4 Years From Now) is the home of the growing global tech startup community. There was a large range of startup businesses and talks covering many topics surroun
ding Disrupted by Mobile, IoT and Digital Media.

IRIDEON had the opportunity to discover new innovations and potential partners that offer the perspective of combining technologies that can be very useful for the RE
MOSIS project.

BG-Counter introduced at AMCA meeting


Savanah (GA, USA), February 2016. Biogents introduced the newly developed BG-Counter at the yearly meeting of the American Mosquito Control Association, AMCA. The device is used in combination with the BG-Sentinel from Biogents, a trap widely used by professionals for the monitoring and surveillance of mosquitoes.

The BG-Counter automatically differentiates mosquitoes from insects of other forms and sizes entering the trap, it counts them, and wirelessly transmits the results to a cloud server for further processing.

Mosquito control specialists and researchers will therefore now be able to follow and compare the dynamics of mosquito populations, they can see if control campaigns were successful and cab compare the effect of different methods during scientific studies, in real time.

The next step in the development of the BG-Counter is to expand its capabilities to identify and differentiate mosquito genera and species of special importance, and to facilitate its integration into larger sensor and data analysis networks, i.e. the REMOSIS project.

BG-Counter AMCA poster 225x135 Click on the picture on the left or on the reference below to download the poster on the BG-Counter that was presented at the conference. (Geier et al. (2016) A smart Internet of Things (loT) device for monitoring mosquito trap counts in the field while drinking coffee at your desk. Poster p-32 at the AMCA 82nd Annual Meeting 2016, savannah, GA, USA.)